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About Our Farm

Hallet Family Farm is a new start-up farming enterprise located on the Enumclaw Plateau, about 10 minutes south of Auburn, WA.

We are working in partnership with Seattle Tilth to build a new sustainable and diversified farm operation.

Our world needs healthier, sustainable food solutions and Hallet Family Farms is meeting that need with gourmet quality, ethically raised livestock and seasonal produce. Our vision is to steward pasture raised chickens for meat and eggs, grass feed beef and lamb, and pasture/forest raised pork. We also plan to grow seasonal produce using sustainable and natural growing practices.

We are not a certified organic farm, although we do follow organic pratices. Our animals are fed a diet which matches their diet in nature as closely as possible. What that means in simple terms is that we use GMO free feed ingredients, ensure that our animals have access to fresh air and space to roam, plenty of water and green pasture to browse through for anything from worms and rolly pollys to dandilions and grass. We are also committed to supporting our local businesses when it comes to feed supplies. Our feed always comes from local businesses who get their grain or hay from local, GMO free family farms.

Our chickens are processed right in their own back yard, on our farm, in our State inspected/permitted facility, and are sold by pre-order and on-farm pickup. propecia for sale provigil online pharmacy phentermine online no prescription soma online without prescription buy valium online no prescription buy xanax online without prescription buy accutane no prescription buy ambien without prescription buy ativan online imitrex for sale klonopin online pharmacy maxalt online no prescription meridia online without prescription buy neurontin online no prescription buy prednisone online without prescription
Our sheep are currently employed as lawnmowers and at present are for personal consumption only.